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Baclofen is a medication called an antispastic agent and it is also a muscle relaxer. So this agent is used to treat muscle stiffness, pain and muscle spasm – the symptoms usually caused by multiple sclerosis.
It is suggested to read the following information and consult your personal health provider before you purchase Baclofen and start treatment. First of all, it is important to know whether you have allergy to it. The following conditions should be informed about for you to be sure you take Baclofen safely:
– any seizure disorder or epilepsy;
– a history of blood clots or stroke;
– kidney disease.
Baclofen is known to increase the risk of an ovarian cyst development. You should also discuss this risk with your personal health provider. The medication belongs to catedory C of FDA pregnancy and it is still not known if Baclofen can probably do harm to your unborn baby and if it passes through breast milk. So it is better not to breast-feed a baby if a woman is taking Baclofen and she should also inform her doctor if she is pregnant or planning pregnancy. The medication is never used in children younger than twelve years old.
When you buy Baclofen online and start using it, be sure you use this medication only the way it was prescribed by your personal health provider. No smaller or larger amounts, or changing of length of treatment is possible. All the directions a patient was given as for the medications should be followed. Only a doctor may change the personal dosage of your medication in order to get better results from your treatment. If the muscle symptoms you are treating do not improve after 14 days of taking Baclofen, inform your personal health provider about it. If you make up your mind to stop taking the medication Baclofen, do not do it yourself – tell your doctor first. If you do it without a doctor’s permission especially if you take it for long-term period, you can suffer from very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms – hallucinations or seizures.
Do your best in order not to miss a dose. In case you overdose, you need to get an emergency medical assistance. The over dosage symptoms include vomiting, pinpoint or dilated pupils, weakness, shallow or weak breathing, collapsing or even coma.
There are some important things you should avoid after you get Baclofen without prescription. The medication may impair a patient’s reactions and thinking. If you need to ne alert or you drive, be careful with Baclofen. Side effects of Baclofen can be increased by drinking alcohol.
It is very easy to order Baclofen online. Lots of medications are available at virtual drug stores. You can choose any of the medications for acceptable price – there is also cheap Baclofen available online. But when you start taking your medication, mind the following side effects of Baclofen:
– hallucinations, confusion;
– convulsions;
– uneaven heart beating;
In case you observe any of these effects you should get an emergency medical assistance. There are also less serious effects:
– headache;
– dizziness, feeling tired, drowsiness, weakness;
– insomnia;
– more often than usual urinating;
– constipation, nausea.
There are some other side effects that may take place so the list is not complete. You’d better ask your personal doctor about it. Anyway, you should keep an eye on your health and let your doctor do the same.
Tell your personal health provider about all the other drugs you take, especially allergy medications, cold medications, sedatives, sleeping peels, narcotic pain medicine, any other muscle relaxing medications, drugs for depression, seizures and anxiety. The point is that these medications can add to the insomnia caused by Baclofen.
So be attentive with both your health condition and treatment and you will get the most positive results from Baclofen.

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